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The market for support services is a complicated one. Technologies, services and solutions are progressing at an incredible rate, not to mention customer appetite to consume and manage IT differently.

Naturally, it can be tough trying to build a viable support offering that matches these advances. It’s therefore easy to simply rely on vendor support contracts, as they are widely available and will generally cover most of the necessary bases. 

On the other hand, if you’ve decided not to sell support services at all, then you risk opening up opportunities for your competitors, as customers will seek this offering elsewhere.

More and more frequently, customers are even approaching vendors directly for their support services and bypassing partners entirely. However, as customer requirements become increasingly specialised, arguably it is now more than ever that they need the innovation and flexibility of their partners.

Arrow has built a comprehensive and easily accessible Support Services portfolio that delivers valuable services, innovative commercial models and reliability you can depend on. 

We recognise the shortcomings of standard vendor support contracts and have purposefully built more flexible services that bridge the gaps while remaining cost-effective for both you and your customer.

In fact, many of our support services are custom-built for this very reason. Critically, we’re equally accredited to deliver support as the vendors themselves, so you’re never sacrificing on expertise or quality.  

But that’s not all…

Arrow Support Services enable our partners to:

  • Earn 3x greater margin versus vendor support contracts
  • Maintain and expand your customer base 
  • Confidently meet your customers’ needs
  • Offer equivalent support to the vendor for less
  • Create unique, more bespoke support solutions
  • Be a more credible partner in the eyes of your customer

Our support services cover Breakfix, Software Subscriptions and Telephone Support across a vast range of technology portfolios, with around the clock 24x7 provision and 95% of support calls completed in 50% of our SLA target.

Arrow Assist

Arrow Assist can be added to any basic support contract and can be applied across all services for a range of vendors. This advanced telephone support can provide partners with additional consultancy from vendor-accredited engineers and more rigorous recommendations than the standard service. 

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You can call Arrow ECS Support on telephone number +372 682 8017

At Arrow ECS, we provide extensive support directly via the phone. 

Please feel free to log a call and the next available consultant will help you.

You will be billed for telephone time spent (minimum ½ hour) through your preferred reseller.

Telephone hours are Monday to Friday. 8:00 to 16:30. You are most welcome to send us an e-mail at the following address:

As we closely cooperating with various vendors, and our one of the major competencies is in storage products, we offer certified maintenance for all storage solutions.

We can, through our partners offer maintenance of backup and storage solutions. Maintenance is done either at the company address (onsite) or by replacement and repair from our certified workshop (Cross Ship & workshop), the customer's request. 

On-site maintenance 

We offer the typical variants as 8 or 24 hours daily support and response time with up to 2 hours, up to all 365 days a year. 
All agreements cover both preparedness, as spare parts, travel and technician time, enabling the firm to the greatest extent possible, have a fixed cost of maintaining their storage investments. 
At Arrow ECS, we have our own team of highly trained and certified technicians and contact storage specialists worldwide. We also have a fully traceable tracking system for fault calls and ongoing spare parts inventories, which means that nothin​g is left to chance when problems suddenly arise. 

Cross Ship Maintenance 

On standalone drives and autoloaders, we offer a Cross Ship Agreement. 
If there is a errors, the agreement covers the end-user can call our certified workshop, via the phone reveals the problem. If the device is found physical / electrical fault, sent immediately a corresponding and fully functional unit in original packaging. 
Upon receipt, send the customer the defective unit back to the workshop in its original packaging from the replacement device. 


The defective equipment out of warranty or maintenance agreement, we can offer a common workshop repair. At Workshop repair, the customer, through its dealer, send the defective unit to our workshop, which will then make sure the unit is being repaired. 
When the unit is repaired, return it, together with an invoice for the repair. 
Meanwhile, can we rent another unit so that operation can continue.