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Addressing 2-factor security in a unique way.

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SMS PASSCODE addresses 2-factor security in a unique way.

With SMS PASSCODE your mobile phone is used as a token. There is no question of any installation on your mobile, instead, a Flash SMS is sent to your mobile with token.

SMS PASSCODE is both Challenge and Sessions-based. This means that you do not receive your SMS token before the system has accepted your username and password. Furthermore, your token 'code' is valid only for the session that has initiated SMS sending.
This  means that there can be no one else sitting behind you with another computer and using the same token code together with your username and password.
This allows the highest level of security and also raises the use of your remote solution, as users do not a need to remember their obsolete token.
SMS PASSCODE supports all common forms of remote jobs and portal solutions such as Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix Access Gateway and Netscaler, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Outlook Web Access, Microsoft Sharepoint Portal, VMware View and a large part of VPN solutions (via RADIUS).
Arrow ECS has a full demo environment of SMS PASSCODE as well as trained solution specialists. We can help you with specific cases and train your consultants, as Arrow ECS is responsible for carrying out partner training on SMS PASSCODE.

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