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​Wyse Technology is the world's leading provider of thin clients and software for virtualization.

Wyse has the broadest product portfolio of solutions in the following areas:
  • Traditional thin clients and customized terminals for Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View / PCoIP
  • Virtualization software for thin clients, TCX Suite supports multimedia, Flash, USB redirection, Multi display and sound (bidirectional sound)
  • Management software, Wyse Device Manager for centralized and secure management of thin clients
  • Wyse Streaming Manager, Provisioning product that streams the operating system and applications to a client

Wyse Technology has a strategic alliance with Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, IBM and Novell. The company is headquartered in San Jose, USA.
Benefits of the introduction of Wyse thin clients
- For the user
Ergonomic workplace. A thin client is quiet, generate no heat and takes up minimal space.

- For the IT department
Central administration of clients.

High security
  • no removable drives
  • no attack of the virus
  • no moving parts

No locally installed applications.
For the finance department
  • Longevity of hardware, at least five years.
  • Low energy (70-20 watts).
  • Reduced load on the helpdesk.
  • Low purchase price.
  • Fits in all types of environments, office or public terminals / kiosks.
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