F5 iseries.jpeg

F5 published new iSeries platforms, which are programmable and in practice multiply the performance compared to previous platforms. This is possible because of the new programmable CPUs, which are very powerful but still modified based on the user needs, unlike ASIC chips would be. SSL-encryption/decryption is made with dedicated crypto processors which makes F5 iSeries platform even 5 times more powerful as the competitive solutions.

F5 platforms are the most versatile and powerful ADC and security appliance on the market. iSeries platform can be upgraded on software level with licensing which gives the opportunity to invest ‘pay as you grow’. New platforms comes with iRules LX which opens 250 thousand Node.js libraries and enables developers to program iSeries platforms for their need. There is also ready cloud templates that can be used. New TurboFlex feature enables to modify the CPUs by software and optimize the functionality needed. With TurboFlex you can choose from three different profiles: Security, ADC or Private Cloud, which gives them a ‘turbo boost’ on performance on chosen area.

New datasheet including also iSeries platforms can be found here