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Avocent, a division of Emerson Network Power, is the leading, global provider of IT operations management solutions that help customers manage IT complexity from the desktop to the data centre.
With hardware, software and embedded technologies that provide IT organisations with centralised, always-on management of critical IT assets, Avocent’s technologies enable CTOs, IT directors, and IT administrators to control local and remote servers, network devices, security appliances, desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices — all from a single console.
Positioned by Gartner as ‘'a Magic Quadrant leader with complete lifecycle management"
Avocent’s customers include Microsoft,, Intel, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and other leading companies in a range of industries including more than 85% of the Fortune 1000


Avocent Solutions

Avocent’s data centre solutions increase management efficiency and provide relevant data to all levels of the administrative chain, from the IT Administrator to the CIO. Complexity is reduced through consolidation and abstraction of many user interfaces under a single management umbrella. Moving from a reactive to a proactive IT management practice is also made simpler.
Avocent’s solutions include; keyboard, video, and mouse access; serial console access; client systems, security and business process management; power management; computer and display extension; and embedded technology including intelligent platform management interface (IPMI).


Avocent Product Portfolio

Avocent remote management products provide secure, centralised access and control to the entire data centre(s) including:
  • KVM – Keyboard-Video-Mouse wintel all server environments
  • Console Servers – our Advanced Console Server range for managing UNIX, Linux, firewalls, routers and other console based devices.
  • Service Processor Management – Single and secure point to access to IPMI, iLO, DRAC, RSA, ALOM etc.
  • Intelligent Power Devices – Remote monitoring, auditing and control of the power to data centres, cabinets and servers.
  • Virtualisation – VMware/Citrix Xen Server virtual infrastructure allows you to link virtual servers to your management tier.
  • Capacity planning – with Avocent Mergepoint Infrastructure Explorer (AMIE)
  • Blade Servers – secure and controlled access from the same ‘pane of glass’.