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McAfee Products and Solutions

McAfee embrace a concept called Security Connected through which they can deliver integrated and intelligent solutions. Solutions that can learn from each other and leverage each other to deliver a significantly stronger security posture while delivering a viable maintenance approach.

Network Security

McAfee’s Network Security Platform combines real time threat awareness, award-winning intrusion prevention technologies and an optimised management platform. McAfee’s Network Security Platform is the only intrusion prevention solution to offer all the required controls for effective next generation network security.
Solutions include:

• Next Generation Firewall
• Intrusion Prevention
• Access Control
• Network User Behaviour Analysis
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Information Security

McAfee’s information security enables you to understand, classify and protect data both within and as it leaves your organisations. All while defending against inbound advanced persistent threats.
With McAfee information security you will prevent data loss while moving information to the cloud. You’ll also secure the primary channels of cloud traffic – email, web and identity authentication.

Solutions include:

• Email Security
• Web Security
• Data Loss Prevention
• Encryption
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Endpoint Protection

The next generation McAfee Endpoint Security Platform utilises advanced technologies to protect it all – from desktops and laptops, server databases and applications, to virtual systems as well as mobile and fixed-function devices.
McAfee’s management system unifies all aspects of endpoint security and reduces risk and complexity whilst minimising the effort and operational overhead required to manage security across a host of disparate access points.

Solutions include:

• Malware Protection
• Device Encryption
• Application Whitelisting
• Desktop Firewall
• Device Control
• Email Protection
• Network Access Control
• Endpoint Web Protection
• Host Intrusion Protection
• Server and Database Protection
• On Chip (silicon-based) Security
• Smartphone and Tablet Protection
• Virtual Machine and VDI Protection
• Embedded Device Protection
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Security Management

McAfee Security Management connects all the disparate pieces, so you can monitor, manage and report on your security, risk and compliance projects with precision and ease. Plus, it empowers you with situational awareness, global protection across your heterogeneous infrastructure and shared intelligence to coordinate security defences. And it delivers all of this through a centralised, open platform with unprecedented visibility.

Solutions include:

• Security Operations Console
• Policy Auditing & Management
• Vulnerability Management
• Risk Management
• Compliance
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McAfee SaaS

When you’re protecting business operations only award-winning technologies will do. McAfee SaaS Web and Mail solutions use threat intelligence gathered from millions of sensors around the world to protect against existing and emerging threats. Web protection offers always-on, automatically updated inbound and outbound protection with no footprint. For email, layered technology protects against 99% of spam, viruses, worms, phishing scams and fraudulent emails. Continuity in case of downtime is also available as is comprehensive policy enforcement and archiving for easy compliance.

Arrow is McAfee’s first and only pay monthly distribution partner in Europe, so together we have created a cloud offer that delivers the ultimate in business value and financial rewards.


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