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Our areas of expertise

​Two pillars for one result
Arrow ECS Education is part of a large multinational corporation, a distributor of value added technological solutions. These two characteristics, embedded in our genes, are fundamental.

  • On one hand, as a distributor we are intimately familiar with the technology behind the products we market. Technology is constantly evolving, so our trainer-consultants must do the same so that you are able to benefit from the best, most up-to-date expertise available.
  • On the other hand, our large corporate culture inspires us to constantly pursue greater efficiency and performance and shows us, each day, that it is essential to give priority to real world experience. For us, practical skills are number one— that's why our sessions focus on the immediate effectiveness and operational capabilities of the participants.

At Arrow ECS Education, our objectives are your objectives. We understand you and we understand your needs because we come from the same background.

Real-world experience
At Arrow ECS, our instructors are leading experts in the subjects they teach.
In addition to their technological skills, the instructors are inspired by a passion to share their expertise. We believe that, above and beyond theory or technical skills, a trainer's job is first and foremost a question of passion. Furthermore, our instructors seek to supplement their teaching with concrete examples taken directly from their long experience in the field.

Arrow ECS Education uses tools, ideas and expertise to ensure student satisfaction and course quality. 

We measure training effectiveness using customer feedback, end-of-course test results, and instructor/course evaluations.