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Open courses

​Each type of training is different. Scheduled training is, in essence, an open-ended opportunity to exchange ideas and share expertise.

At Arrow ECS Education, scheduled training involves:

  • A variety of dates and locations
  • Traditional and fundamental training topics
  • Highly specialised training in rare technologies
  • A course catalogue that accounts for the latest new technologies, thanks to our efforts to constantly monitor technological developments and our close relationships with major IT publishers and manufacturers

Since each person is different, our scheduled training offer includes over 1000 courses and is able to meet everything from the most basic to the most particular of needs. Various dates are offered for our wide variety of courses, which are held both locally and, in most cases, in 20 different EMEA countries.

Scheduled courses are, of course, based on a carefully-developed, constantly-updated programme, plus they offer the opportunity for in-depth exchange among participants hailing from diverse backgrounds and the chance to share experience and know-how.