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CloudRooms Training

​CloudRooms is a fully interactive online live classroom which is accessed from a computer with a headset. It has all the usual components of a traditional classroom – like the interaction between an instructor and students – and Voice over IP (VoIP) and online chat is used to communicate. Learners are taken through training content using PowerPoint, whiteboards, breakout rooms and practical exercises and sessions are delivered in a modular format.

Benefits of learning live online:

  • Interactive, live and engaging
  • Accessed through a PC – removing the need for individuals to be out of the office
  • Removes unnecessary travel and expense
  • Delivered in ‘bite sized chunks’ – easy to absorb 
  • Flexibility – scheduled to meet availability 
  • Access to hands-on interactive labs to practice what is learnt
  • Access to resources, recordings and forums

If you are looking for technology training then CloudRooms will help you to increase your skills. Courses are delivered virtually by a live instructor as a series of 3.5 hour interactive sessions during which you complete exercises in Arrow’s remote lab facility, removing the need for local high specification computers. Attendees of CloudRooms are provided with courseware, in either a hard copy, along with a headset and individual login details to the CloudRooms portal. Prior to a course commencing we will take each person through an induction to check their connectivity and familiarise them with the CloudRooms online environment.

An instructor will guide them through the course material in a similar manner to how it would be delivered in a classroom covering both theory and practical exercises, the official courseware will create more interaction with the delegates.

CloudRooms enables you to access live instructor-led training with interactive labs. With no need to travel, it’s a cost and time effective way to gain the skills you need.

CloudRooms is:

  • Learning effective: proven methodology that increases knowledge retention
  • Cost effective: instructor-led training without travel and hotel expenses
  • Time effective: dramatically reduces time out of work
Maximise the impact of training
  • Interactive approach: CloudRooms classes are fully interactive and include whiteboard exercises, demonstrations and hands-on practical exercises. Learners can talk and collaborate with the instructor and with other students.
  • Dedicated learner portal: Our CloudRooms portal makes delivering, administering and attending virtual classes easy.
  • Live labs: CloudRooms facilitates access to live lab environments for learners to get hands-on with their new skills and complete practical exercises to ensure they are applying their new knowledge correctly.
  • Expert mentoring and coaching: Outside of class, students can network and chat or arrange one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • What is a virtual classroom? It’s a virtual copy of a normal classroom setting. This means there are the usual components: learners attending the training, a live instructor presenting the materials, break out rooms, course notes and joining instructions. The difference is that there is no physical meeting space and everything happens online. So there is no need to travel, there is less out-of-office time and there is an opportunity for learners to attend from any location, anywhere in the world.

Our curriculums are designed to allow participants to explore a subject from a comprehensive, in-depth perspective. Participants are thus able to gain greater understanding of their workplace objectives or increased mastery of new technology.

Our courses combine theory and practice in keeping with our belief that training should always be applicable to the real world. The diversity of our course catalogue and the real-world expertise of our trainers are clear advantages when it comes to putting your strategic projects into action.

CloudRooms virtual classroom solution - the future of learning

Discover the future of learning and how virtual classrooms could save you and your organisation more time and money when we are all feeling the pressure on our budgets.