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In a world, where complexity and the number of users, applications and data is rising every day, the solution is called Virtualization.

Virtualization is making rapid progress in Danish companies, where many profit from the practical and financial benefits achieved by changing physical machines into virtual ones. And this make it easier for each user. By virtualization the systems and difficult manageable units are collected into one data center, where function, redundancy and security are controlled.

Virtualization technologies can be used at all IT infrastructure levels: server, storage, applications, desktop and network.

The benefits of virtualization
While consolidating IT infrastructure into a data center using virtualization technologies you gain a number of advantages:

• Simpler administration of servers, pc's and storage
• Increased operational stability
• Better utilization of IT resources and minimization of duplicated applications and data
• Centralized control of local offices and the use of IT by remote users
• Less servers, storage units and other IT units in this way you gain "green" benefits by saving electricity and cooling.

Within Virtualization we co-operate with the producers named below. Read more about each producer and see, how we can help you choose the right Virtualization solution that will meet your needs and requirements. You can also have a look at articles on Virtualization by clicking the link in the menu on the left.

The following of our vendors offer solutions to the above: Citrix and Igel.