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Storage Solutions

"For us it's about to turn a deluge of information into valuable assets for your business."

Retention of electronic information in the enterprise can very often cause a dilemma for the IT department. How can you ensure high availability for users - high flexibility and security for the company - while complying with all applicable auditing rules and laws.

Arrow ECS, together with our producers can help you with everything - from the small local solution to the overly extensive storage architecture for your entire company.

"It's about knowing and not guessing!"

We can help you maximize value of your company's data by designing and implementing a data warehousing solution that exactly meets your company's data storage needs - now and in the future.

We therefore offer the following in mind when considering the storage in your business:

·      Performance analysis of your current solution
Analysis of current and future needs
Demo of solutions in our demo centers
"Proof of Concept"
Sales Consulting

The following of our vendors offer solutions to the above: EMC, NetApp, Oracle and Symantec.