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Networks & Security

Get safety in your business!

The technological developments offer great opportunities but also creates new and increasingly complex security threats. With the right security solutions, you can reap the business opportunities offered by new technology, while achieving security in your business.

Gateway Security - The basis of any security

  • There, where the company network and the Internet meet, is critical. The risk to users sending critical corporate data outside the organization has grown in step with the outer perimeter is more fluid due to user mobility.

Content Security - Protection of corporate data and communications

  • Secure Content Management has become a pressing business issue. E-mail and Internet access has revolutionized the way we communicate, but also creates greater security risks.

Network Security - Security and Accelerate data

  • Today is a strong network of key driving force behind the company. It creates the necessary infrastructure to make data and applications available to customers, employees and partners. Therefore, the ability to secure, accelerate and optimize Wide Area Network (WAN) links also become more business critical.

IP Network - Transportation Data

  • There are increasing demands for transport of data and in particular the increased number of virtual applications, and web applications, together with the growing data made that there are big savings by ensuring correct network traffic on both LAN, WAN and wireless.

Endpoint Security - Enforcement and simplification of security peripherals

  • The proliferation of PDAs, handheld devices and mobile disks, such as memory sticks, can make the protection of data into a nightmare. An employee can easily copy, move, and - at worst - losing vast amounts of sensitive data.

Security for Virtualization - Utilization of virtualization advantages without compromising safety

  • Virtualization winner apace in Danish companies, where many enjoy the practical and economic benefits gained by replacing physical machines with virtual ones. Many existing security solutions are not optimized to work in the virtual environment and at worst could bring organizations in jeopardy.

It's about trust

Network and security is about knowledge and resources, but above all about trust. Why we work only with the absolute elite.

The Arrow ECS Security & Networking Unit, we collaborate with numerous vendors. Read more in the individual and see how we can help you choose the right security and network solution that matches your desires and needs.

The following of our vendors offer solutions to the above: Aruba Networks, Brocade, Extreme Networks, SMS Passcode, Symantec.