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Security for Virtualization

Security for Virtualization - Utilization of virtualization advantages without compromising safety
Virtualization winner apace in Danish companies, where many enjoy the practical and economic benefits gained by replacing physical machines with virtual. Each user gets easier.
With virtualization assembled systems and severe manageable units in the data center. Virtualization therefore offers significant advantages for the IT organization, but many existing security solutions are not optimized to work in the virtual environment and at worst could bring organizations at risk of failing to meet required safety standards.
The biggest challenge is therefore to use the same security solutions in physical environments, and thus be able to fully exploit the investment of the virtualization solution - from a security perspective.
Requirements for a security solution in the virtual environment:

  • Maintain the same perimeter and content security in physical environments, including 100% control over inter-VM traffic and constant protection for all VMs (also in passive mode and offline mode)
  • Ability to maintain current certification standards
  • Integration with special tools in virtual environments such as VMotion