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IP Network - Transport af data

There are increasing demands for transport of data and in particular the increased number of virtual applications and web applications, together with the growing datamængede that there are big savings by ensuring correct network traffic both on the LAN, WAN and wireless.
Today is a strong network of key driving force behind the company. It creates the necessary infrastructure to make data and applications available to customers, employees and partners. Therefore, the ability to secure, accelerate and optimize Wide Area Network (WAN) links also become more business critical.
Complex network solutions deliver competitive advantages without compromising safety by:

  • To segment user groups and assign these policies trusted, semi-trusted or non-trusted users, and ensure these policies are enforced
  • Adding Intrusion Detection / Prevention of both fixed and wireless networks
  • To optimize and accelerate WAN, which counteracts the effects of limited bandwidth and increasing latency and simultaneously provides high-performance remote offices

As the network becomes larger to accommodate more users and new technologies, the administrative burdens even more voluminous. Through close cooperation with the world's leading suppliers, Arrow ECS offers solutions that provide enterprise administrators the flexibility to centrally to manage multi-vendor solutions across all areas of the network.