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Gateway Security

Gateway Security - The basis of any security.
Where the corporate network and the Internet together is critical. The risk to users sending critical corporate data outside the organization has increased now that the outer perimeter has become more fluid due to user mobility.
Similarly, incoming communication open door for unsecured, potentially harmful traffic. Without encryption, is highly confidential information about a company's customers, employees, products, plans and finances data are also in danger. New solutions around client-side security and wireless access makes network vulnerable to abuse.
Gateway security goes beyond preventing unauthorized access to its network by:

  • Only authorized to permit communication across the network and block everything else
  • To encrypt and monitor all data flows and thereby ensure confidentiality and compliance with legislation and industry standards
  • To defend against incoming attacks
  • To provide the first layer of a corporate security policy

A gateway security solution from Arrow ECS provides a protective shield around the organization. Our solutions build a strong defense against incoming threats against security breaches due to network traffic in and out of the organization.