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Content Security

Content Security - protection of corporate data and communications systems.
Secure Content Management has become a pressing business issue. E-mail and Internet access has revolutionized the way we communicate, but also creates greater security risks.
Despite numerous adjustments to the security of e-mails, data transfer and data protection for compliance with current standards, most organizations are still not clear whether their e-mail or data has been manipulated.
News about data leaks frames regularly headlines, underscoring the need to constantly be able to control the resources users have available to protect data.
Content Security maintained through control, encryption and active action protects your customer's infrastructure through:

  • Prevention of harmful content such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses hidden in email messages and websites from infecting your organization, even though this is hidden in the encrypted communication
  • Reduction of storage and administrative costs as a result of spam email (over 90% of all email is spam, which must be filed, if approved by your email gateway)
  • Encryption of confidential information so they are not compromised

Internal threats account for approx. 50% of security breaches and damage the company's reputation and reduce its productivity. Measures must be implemented to prevent employees violate company security policy.
Businesses therefore need to have a strategy in place which includes a preventive efforts in this area. Arrow ECS provides advanced technological solutions and expertise in content security to ensure that corporate systems can be constantly updated with more layer protection for all content.