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Operational Support​

At Arrow ECS, we can offer nationwide operating agreements for selected Backup and Storage Management solutions from different vendors, as for example Symantec. It covers an optional combination of the following sub-elements. 

  • Periodic on-line connections, where we analyze logs, etc.. 
  • Regular consultant visits at which documented the results lately. 
  • Further there may optionally be carried out training of customer service staff, re-configurations that reflect a changed needs or ongoing updates of the products. 

An operation agreement ensures for end users more stable and safe operation. Many problems appearing during our periodic review of logs. These can be addressed proactively, either online or at the next periodic review out on the address. The company does not, therefore, to the same extent, our own trained specialists to handle storage operations. The existing operating personnel can greatly save with our service consultants for a rationalized price. 

Our management consultants closely cooperating with producers' specialists of different areas. They are constantly being updated with the latest news on the specific product area, as well as the underlying operating system as a network and SAN protocols.​