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As we closely cooperating with various vendors, and our one of the major competencies is in storage products, we offer certified maintenance for all storage solutions.

We can, through our partners offer maintenance of backup and storage solutions. Maintenance is done either at the company address (onsite) or by replacement and repair from our certified workshop (Cross Ship & workshop), the customer's request. 

On-site maintenance 
We offer the typical variants as 8 or 24 hours daily support and response time with up to 2 hours, up to all 365 days a year. 

All agreements cover both preparedness, as spare parts, travel and technician time, enabling the firm to the greatest extent possible, have a fixed cost of maintaining their storage investments. 

At Arrow ECS, we have our own team of highly trained and certified technicians and contact storage specialists worldwide. We also have a fully traceable tracking system for fault calls and ongoing spare parts inventories, which means that nothin​g is left to chance when problems suddenly arise. 

Cross Ship Maintenance 
On standalone drives and autoloaders, we offer a Cross Ship Agreement. 
If there is a errors, the agreement covers the end-user can call our certified workshop, via the phone reveals the problem. If the device is found physical / electrical fault, sent immediately a corresponding and fully functional unit in original packaging. 

Upon receipt, send the customer the defective unit back to the workshop in its original packaging from the replacement device. 

The defective equipment out of warranty or maintenance agreement, we can offer a common workshop repair. At Workshop repair, the customer, through its dealer, send the defective unit to our workshop, which will then make sure the unit is being repaired. 

When the unit is repaired, return it, together with an invoice for the repair. 
Meanwhile, can we rent another unit so that operation can continue.